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Software Engineer. Photographer. Climber.

My name is Sophie, and I am a graduate of Computer Science from University of Colorado at Boulder. I am a frontend engineer at Rackspace Technology. I spend most of my time developing and designing websites, climbing, backpacking, painting, and managing my photography business.

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React Native







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Internship - WageKick

Languages/Technologies used:

PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL Database

My Contributions:

  • Created an algorithm to calculate the best possible candidate for an employer based on their needs and preferences
  • Designed and created a fully responsive about page
  • Redesigned various pieces of the website
  • Provided professional photography for Organic Sandwich Co. - a local company in Boulder
Web Project
Web Project
Web Project
Web Project
Web Project
Web Project

School Group Project - MAGA

Languages/Technologies used:

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js/Express.js

Spotify API, LastFM API, Firebase

My Contributions

  • Designed the Cadence logo
  • Worked with my teammate to design the login and home page
  • Used Node.js/Express.js to provide user playlist's on the home page
  • Connected data from your login and sent it to our backend server to create a user's tailored playlist
  • Returned the playlist created from our backend and displayed it on the website

Purpose/Project Description:

Cadence's purpose was to provide Discover Weekly playlists on demand. Upon login we gather your data and analyze artists closely related to your specific music taste based on your Spotify playlists. We use that information and artist information and find similar artists provided by the API to create a tailored playlist for the user.

Web Project
Web Project

HackCU 2016 - Dalvonic

2nd Place Contestants in the Twitter Competition

Languages/Technologies used:

HTML/CSS, JavaScript

My Contributions

  • Designed both main page and graph page
  • Designed the graph page using parallax

Note: My contributions to this project were focused around design due to the 36 hour time constraint.

Purpose/Project Description:

Dalvonic's main goal was to tackle the problem of echo chambers and, particularly, in-grouping. Through social network graph analyses, it's very strongly evident that people follow and remain exclusively in the company of very like-minded individuals online.

We aimed to expose users to people who share opposing views to them and prompt users to consider information from ulterior, opposing sources based on sentimental and subjectivity analysis of their tweets (with a CNN classifier).

Web Project

Big Data Group Project - MAGA

Languages/Technologies used:

Python, Django, Cassandra, Amazon Web Services(AWS), HTML/CSS, JavaScript/D3.js

My Contributions:

  • Set up a NoSQL database, Cassandra, with Django
  • Made python programs to programmatically populate the local database
  • Serialized data from Cassandra
  • Rendered, and then reformatted data into hierarchical JSON structure (flare)
  • Populated D3 bubble chart
  • Deployed frontend on AWS
  • Designed website and bubble chart

Purpose/Project Description:

Our primary focus was to take words associated with Donald Trump, present the most popular negative and positive words, and display them in a visually appealing fashion.

We did this by analyzing tweet data passed from Twitter API (Tweepy) using Storm and TextBlob for sentiment analysis.